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The Department of Bioprocess Engineering is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer. Research focuses on pronounced activities in the areas of process monitoring and optimization as well as scale transfer, biocatalysis and biosorption. Here, research approaches on the microbiological/genetic level are combined with technical and systems biological approaches and further developed. The aim is to exploit these synergies for the development of bioprocesses characterized by high added value.



The Department of Medical Biotechnology, headed by Prof. Dr. Sina Bartfeld, deals exclusively with primary human cells. In order to have these available in sufficient quantities, a number of cooperations with clinical institutions have been agreed upon. For example, we regularly obtain waste tissue from gastric surgery umbilical cords, placenta, hip replacement operations, facelift operations, liposuction, tooth extractions or expired blood donations. The cells are used to mimic organogenesis during embryonic development in three-dimensional cultivation environments and in interaction with each other.


The Department of Bioanalytics deals with analytical issues in complex biological systems. Prof. Dr. Juri Rappsilber investigates protein interactions using new methods developed by the group itself.


The Department of Applied Biochemistry headed by Prof. Dr. Jens Kurreck develops 3D organ models by means of bio-printing processes for infection and cancer research. Another focus is the use of gene therapy methods and RNA technologies for various medical issues (virology, cancer research, pain research.


The Department of Applied and Molecular Microbiology, headed by Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer, is concerned, among other things, with the genetic optimization of substance production by prokaryotic and eukaryotic production systems, the presentation and characterization of bioactive substances with the aid of microbial production systems, and the development of new antifungal agents and strategies.

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