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Ein rotes Dreieck, darunter drei orangen senkrechten Balken als Symbol für Fakultät 3. Das Symbol befindet sich innerhalb  des kreisförmigen Schriftzuges: Prozesswissenschaften.

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The research fields of the seven departments cover the entire spectrum of modern biotechnology in industrial and medical applications. The individual research projects, specific courses, job offers and current information can be found on the pages of the seven departments. The Institute of Biotechnology is responsible for the study programs in the field of biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin. Currently, 90 study places are offered each winter semester, with approximately 1300 applicants resulting in a numerus clausus of 1.5- 1.8. The study program is based on an engineering science education, which is closely coordinated with the other study programs of Faculty III in the first semesters. Since WS 2009/2010 the education has been changed to Bachelor/Master programs.


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